Polished Concrete Design Ideas

Having a smooth polished concrete surface is fast becoming the ideal choice of flooring in residential and commercial projects. Requests for options of colouring, creating radial lines, grids, scoring, bands or borders over the polished concrete surface is increasing every day. People with existing concrete usually go for the stains and dyes to uplift their […]

Popular flooring option for your property

Is floor construction or thought of home flooring solution is worrying you? Yes, it is something which we are not used to getting it done every now and then so we really do not know what the best for our housing needs is. Let us understand initially what the basic of our flooring needs is […]

A durable flooring option

Be it your commercial property or a residential one getting appropriate flooring for it is something which needs a lot of judgement and precision work. A floor of the house or office something which takes the maximum load and witnesses footfall all the time as compared to any other part of the property. So, this […]